Saturday, November 08, 2008


I simply do not understand the popularity of pancake mixes. I know very few people who make pancakes from scratch, although pancakes are the easiest thing in the world and they're practically foolproof. Foolproof recipes are important on Saturday mornings.

This morning I was trying to make a new pancake recipe, and I wanted to make a half recipe, but it was morning and I was having trouble concentrating. I ended up accidentally using ingredients from both sides of my cookbook, needing to throw in some dried dragonfruit from the pantry because I had too much batter (due to adding an ingredient from the wrong recipe), and finally accidentally putting in way too much flour and needing to add an extra egg and more milk. The pancakes were still considerably better than anything I've ever had from a box mix.

If one had children who expected pancakes the same every morning, a box mix could be the way to go. Not surprisingly, in the somewhat raucous kitchen I like having my pancakes taste different every time I make them. This morning I used sour cream and soy milk, with minced pear from my uncle's tree and leftover Granny Smith apple, plus a little dried dragonfruit. Spices were nutmeg and Mexican cinnamon. And maple syrup on top, of course.

I'm returning to my graduate school cheapskate eating habits through the end of the year in order to reallocate funds elsewhere. Last night I made bean soup with mixed dried beans (one kind of mix that I like!), onion, celery, carrots, leftover Easter ham, leftover beef broth, leftover juice drained from cooking tomatoes, thyme, mustard powder, shot pepper (pepper with coriander), and cumin. Baby bok choy goes in at the end. Of course no tomatoes or salt touched the beans until they were fully cooked. It is delicious, hearty soup.


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Yeah, mixes don't make any sense, esp when all they usually do is premix your dry ingredients (with pesticide laden, chemically added to versions) and overcharge you for the privilege...I suspect you read new recipes like I do; "Oh wow, neat recipe...gee, I could substitute this for that...hey half of that could be changed to this..."

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