Saturday, January 07, 2006


In case you couldn't tell, I find Midwestern winters somewhat confining and distressing. There are ways that I used to feel when I was a teenager, like my heart was clenched in a fist and I was fighting down mounting panic, and when I grew up those feelings went away so I thought they were teenage anxieties, when in fact I felt that way because it was winter in Iowa. It turns out that I still feel like that as an adult when I don't get out of the house enough.

Today we are having warm and sunny weather that for me is exceptionally well timed. I am out on a bicycle ride and am thoroughly pleased. I found out that the nice thing about exercise in winter is that I can allow myself to become quite winded; I have no allergies and am in no danger of an asthma attack.

However, I am taking steps to make it through the rest of the winter when it gets cold again. I have several possibilities: skiing in Galena, joining a gym in Iowa City, taking up aikido again in Cedar Rapids, learning to dance. I obviously have to decide. Giving up aikido due to injuries was so heartbreaking for me that it took me two years to settle on some new physical activity other than walking. I finally chose bicycling, but now I need something for the winter, as well. Winter. I'm glad that we are past the solstice, and the days are lengthening.

Next winter I will try to live near a path where I can cross country ski.